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The Unity Party of Canada works to meet the needs of a diverse culture. This is done by integrating honor, representation, justice and equality into our society therefore uniting our country one step at a time. Our main focus is to create new opportunities by listening to the voices of citizens to enhance their quality of life. We will address the ongoing issues of poverty by creating more jobs, creating safer communities by reforming the court system, and creating equality among all Canadians. Through the progressive actions that the Unity Party will take, our country will unite and work to make it the best it can be.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Lobbyist Visit: Temporary Foreign Worker Rights

What is a lobbyist?

It is the process individuals and groups persuade their interests and press them upon governmental decision makers. This is done to influence the determination of public policy

Main issue: Foreign Workers Program
  • Money (wages, fees, etc.)
  • Working and living conditions
    • Living away from families
    • Cannot settle or marry
    • Cannot realistically quit without being forced out of the country
  • Foreign Workers are unable to fully establish themselves in the field that they are educated in.
    • “Even with the changes, the study found that because the domestics are beholden to their employers for years – as all temporary immigrants are – their status tends to “impede their economic and social integration” and prevent them from establishing themselves fully in their field. (The majority of nannies, as with other “temporaries,” tend to have university degrees, and often pay fortunes to agents to get their placements.)” - The Globe and Mail http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/the-workers-wont-be-temporary-if-we-make-them-permanent/article18200187/

  • Tim Hortons (Timothy Powers)
  • McDonald's (Robin Speer)

Unity Party: Hi, welcome! How are you guys doing today?

Speer: Hello, I’m doing great

Powers: Hello, I’m doing fine as well

Unity Party: Anyways, let’s get down to business. As we should all be aware, we are meeting today to discuss the controversy regarding the Foreign Workers Program. We understand that you are lobbyists representing McDonalds and Tim Hortons. Can you tell us about the current issues surrounding this topic?

Speer: Well, I was hired on to represent Tim Hortons in late November. On behalf of Tim Hortons, I would like to address the issue of living conditions for the temporary foreign workers. They are provided with a reasonable living space and despite debate, they are not living or working in harmful conditions that could impact them negatively.

Powers: Last year, the government responded to the criticism that was received on the issue that temporary foreign workers had a wage 15% less than average Canadian wages. Today, employers who would like to use the program would need to pay a fee of $275 and they now have minimum wage that’s the same as all other Canadians.

Unity Party: We would like to start with the current issues of the living conditions of the temporary foreign workers. Although they may be provided with reasonable living spaces from both companies, workers should be able to choose their living spaces that best fits their needs, just as every other Canadian would be able to do so. Also we would like to give citizens and residents the best opportunities and quality of life we can provide. This would include being able to bring their families over for the time being and live in a residence of their choosing. Further more, many people should be able to express their feelings towards the other person, this may even include marriage. What do you think about this?

Speers: I understand that giving the best quality of life for all citizens and residents would be in Canada’s best interests, but if we are providing the foreign workers with the housing, we should be able to place limits. The housing of the foreign workers may put our company, and local workers in unsuitable conditions. Many of those who become a part of this program cannot afford to buy their own housing as well. It may be bad living conditions for some but I assure you that there are Canadian citizens who endure much worse living conditions.

Powers: On top of that, the payment our companies need to provide for house. We have put in place a $275 fee just to have the ability to use the program. It would be best for our companies to have a preset housing space, and have our foreign workers settle in the prearranged spacing. At the very least they are given a home, and a job in great working conditions. This would make the transitions between the two countries more efficient. Who knows, they might want to immigrate to Canada so they can buy their own home without anyone telling them what to do.

Unity Party: It may be that they choose unrealistic living spaces, but that can easily be solved through budgets, and guidelines. However if they are placed in a specific housing that makes them uncomfortable or does not fit their needs, it can affect their personal interests, and working habits. It may be in the best interest to provide guidelines or different options of housing. If you were to provide different housing options, it would have both the consideration of the workers and the work you are putting into providing them with housing.

Powers: Providing different housing options may allow for both of those views, but it isn’t much of an option. Often times we have multiple smaller houses with up to 5 people sharing the space. If foreign workers are also allowed to have their families living with them, each worker would require one house each rather than sharing housing. It’s just more cost efficient to have it that way.

Unity Party: Taken into consideration a few foreign workers would share a space, there could still be a few different housing layouts, depending on the number of workers. Especially because you mentioned the fact you have had multiple houses with a few people living in them. There may not be too many options, there should be different types of layouts for each housing provided.

Speers: Currently, the government is charging a fee of $275 for companies that are taking part of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. In addition to this, we will also have to pay for housing. The fee that we are paying should be eliminated, as we are providing foreigners a place to work and decent working conditions. Although we are paying to fill the gap in labor shortages, it should be significantly less for us to provide for the workers and provide our service.

Unity Party: We understand your perspective on this topic, but we have unfortunately run out of time. We will be discussing more solutions to this ongoing issue at our next upcoming meeting.

Speers: Thank you

Powers: Thank you for inviting us. I appreciate the opportunity to come talk to you guys

Sustainable Food Summit

For this summit, the Unity Party met with the Progressive Socialist Party, and the Reformist Party. Here are a few solutions we fathomed regarding food sustainability and the many issues within that topic.

Food miles tax
After discussing with our opposition parties (Reformist party, and Progressive Socialist Party), we all agreed, for the most part, that creating a food miles tax would limit the amount of imported foods and promote local foods. This would have tax brackets, so that if the distance the foods are traveled is further the more it would cost to transport, however we did not come to a final consensus regarding who to tax. Some possibilities included consumers and distributors. In the end, the consumer would have to pay for the difference either way.

Promoting locally grown foods
Through labels, infomercials, and possible taxations on globally grown products, we would promote locally grown foods. This would benefits our local economy, supports future farming, have various health benefits, promote biodiversity, empower consumers, promote cultural diversity, and create jobs. Furthermore, if imported food is purchased less, workers rights in other countries wouldn’t be supported, especially if they are negative. Having said that, the issue that consumers will not read these said labels is inevitable. This issue could be avoided by color, size, font, and different aesthetic aspects for these labels. Also, the implement of infomercials concerning the issue of food sustainability would educate consumers and encourage them to buy products with locally grown labels. All parties have also agreed that we would have to import some foods, as it is not possible for all foods to be grown locally. We had decided on limiting the amount of imported foods through promotion of local foods, and taxing imported foods.

In addition, our parties would rather use renewable energy sources than fuel to transport goods that harm our environment at high levels. During our discussion, we compared electricity powered vehicles to using biofuel. The Reformist Party brought the idea of algae as biofuel, as it increases the quality of bodies of water and its efficiency. Algae blooms block the sunlight from reaching organisms and plant life and uses the dissolved oxygen within the water. The Progressive Socialist Party disagreed with using algae biofuel, as it does not reduce the amount of carbon emissions in comparison to fuel. Our parties did not reach consensus on this matter, but we did agree to reduce the amount of goods that we transport in order to limit the emissions in the atmosphere.
Unaddressed Ideas
Organic foods:
Organic foods are not only healthy, but in many cases, they’re grown locally. Promoting organic foods would allow for many improvements with our health that other foods may not provide. Although organic foods produce a smaller yield making less food per crop, we still do promote organic foods as we can use some of the unhealthy crop to grow more food. Giving consumers the option will allow for what they want   
Increasing Farmland: By increasing farmland, we would be promoting locally grown products which would benefit the local economy, and more space to grow more food for the consumers. With more farmland, we could have more organic or healthier farms. This would also help limit the need for imported goods and help the environment, and creating more job opportunities. The extra farmland could be creating more habitat loss, but we would try to limit that outcome.
Taxing food companies: Although the idea of taxing food companies that produce unhealthy foods came up, no discussion on this topic occurred. Instead of making healthy foods cheaper and unhealthy foods more expensive, it would make more sense to tax these companies. This would make it so that more healthy foods are promoted for the supply, and farmers would still be able to make a living.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Breaking News! Minority Language Group Map Released

If you look at this map, what do you see? This photo was released by Peter Parker who works as a staff reporter but no details with it to help understand the meaning.  What we see is a way to improve and integrate minority languages into our society in a more efficient manner. The Unity Party will improve the quality of life and implement Minority Language Groups in our society.

Our Response


Schools will integrate minority language cultures. This will be done by creating a variety of different options classes where these minority languages could be taught. This increases the efficiency of our schools allowing for taxpayers to not pay for an excess of schools.
If there’s a large enough demand, schools with minority languages will be provided. This will require community involvement in the decision making process to make sure that this is the best for the community.

Annual cultural events will be funded by the government and communities. This will promote multiculturalism and minority language group heritage. On top of creating more events we would create a multicultural center. This multicultural center would contain a variety of goods and services from different countries. These cultural events and centers will be funded by tax dollars of citizens. But these tax dollars would come from a portion of the 11% for minority groups, as this is what we are focusing. We want them to feel more accepted, and still have a sense of their native culture.

Immigration will be strengthened and languages and cultures will be supported. Many that consider immigration are concerned about leaving behind what they currently have. Before individuals even decide to immigrate to Canada, an aura of acceptance and welcome will be advertised. It will be known to them that the opportunities to learn new languages and continue to practice their native cultures is still available if they so please.

Within existing schools, if there is a demanding population, all languages and cultures will be promoted through classes and school-held events. Various cultural/language schools will be available for students and all peoples on weekends if there is a demand on a high enough level. These schools will be provided to educate students and all peoples on the diverse array of cultures/languages.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Our 5-Point Plan

Prime Minister Hephen Starper has requested input from all parties on this issue be communicated immediately, i.e., the end of the day. He asks that all parties outline a 5-point plan to solve the problem of the Senate. These points must clearly align with your party’s platform, and this alignment must be explicit.

Strengthen rules

  1. Background checks - RCMP would lead it
  2. Investigations of scandal before forced resignation
  3. Yearly financial checks

How will this help?

  1. Scandals will be avoided.  Since there are many background checks and other investigations, it will ensure that the senators

Zero tolerance rule
  1. They are forced to resign
How will this help?
  1. It helps to reduce the number of scandals because senators will make more responsible decisions due to their careers being at risk.

Overcharges must be repaid
  1. Maximum time they have to repay: One year
How will this help?
  1. Government will receive the money that they were unjustly overcharged. This will regain balance within the government and economy.
  2. Not abusing taxpayers money that can be going to social services and other opportunities for citizens.

Have to live in the capital or within 100 km
  1. If their home is not in the capital or within 100 km, the Senator is required to move to a different location entirely, that is either in the capital or within 100 km.
  2. Senators who are wanting to keep their original home that is not in the capital or within 100 km are required to fund their second home. If this is unreachable for any reason, a loan will be provided.
How will this help?
  1. Because of the scandal regarding overcharges of government funds by Dike Muffy, Wamilla Pillin, and Batrick Prazeau started with a claim that they lived outside of the 100 km limit when they did not.  

Elected Senators on a fixed term
  1. Elected every 8 years by eligible Canadian citizen voters
How will this help?
  1. The values of the citizens will be reflected through the senators voted, and it will be better for the Canadian community. Instead of a single set of values from the party in power being presented, which has occurred in the past, different perspectives will be conveyed.

How does this relate to our platform?

  • Equality will be highlighted if Senators are elected, for there is not a single individual that holds the power and appoints these positions within the Senate, and Canadian citizens will have a voice.
    • We want unity for all Canadians, and this would mean the reflection of the popularities values. And by allowing citizens to vote for the senators their values will be reflected
  • By helping senators to pay for a home within Ottawa or 100km, it gives them more opportunities to become more involved in the community
    • This new plan prevents senators from taking advantage of this system, as they will be paying for their own housing rather than the government. And it disallows for senators to take advantage of the governments funding.
  • By creating a zero tolerance rule, it allows for more efficient use of taxpayers money.
  • Enforcing that individuals who overcharge the government must pay back will help create an economy where taxpayer’s money is not wasted and is used for the greater good.
  • Creating and strengthening rules prevents further encouragement of fraud and other crimes within our society.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Meter Packay’s Justifying the Proposed Changes - Press Release

Press Release


This morning Minister of Justice and Attorney General Meter Packay announced proposed revisions to the Youth Criminal Justice Act that would allow adult sentences for young offenders aged 11-14. Under the current YCJA only young offenders ages 14-18 may be considered for adult sentences based on the severity of their crimes. “What it means to be an adolescent in today’s society is changing, and their crimes are changing as well. The current YCJA has sent kids the message that they can get away with whatever they want because they are still no ; this is unacceptable as everyone who puts our society in danger must be held accountable.” Hon. Meter Packay

Our Position 

As the Unity Party, we believe that this treatment is unfair for children of that age. Since rehabilitation  and reintegration is a large part of our beliefs, children should be treated as minors. It is a great learning experience to rehabilitate because most of the time, they are not fully aware of the consequences.
Adult sentences primarily focus on punishing offenders for their crime, which completely disregards the goal of rehabilitation and reintegration back into our society. Although we do believe in consequences, this harsh punishment will not allow for reintegration and will keep wasting taxpayers money in the long term. The negative influences that will surround youth during an adult sentence will not change their current lifestyle. When youth are given an adult sentence, they are missing the prime parts of their lives where they begin to form their views and values. With an adult sentence and criminal record, the course of a young person’s life is negatively impacted forever, restraining them from opportunities that they will never experience. 
We agree that everyone should be held accountable for their actions, but to put them in a position where it will ruin their life is unacceptable. You see, the developing brain of an 11-14 year old will not make decisions as well. That’s an advantage of adults, the frontal lobe, the section required for making decisions is not developed. It is true to say that young generations are evolving in ways they have never been able to before, but completely taking away the vulnerability of adolescence is downright unfair. Youth are going through difficult times and still trying to fathom who they are.  Although kids who have committed crime may be a threat to society, the solution is not an adult sentence. In an adult sentence, youth do not have the help they need to move away from their current path. They continue to make bad choices and end up in a cycle of creating crimes. Yes, crimes, no matter how minor or severe they may be, are wrong, but there are better ways of dealing with young offenders than granting adult sentences. We can work together to help our youth in times of trouble, and that is what the Unity Party stands for. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


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