Mission Statement

The Unity Party of Canada works to meet the needs of a diverse culture. This is done by integrating honor, representation, justice and equality into our society therefore uniting our country one step at a time. Our main focus is to create new opportunities by listening to the voices of citizens to enhance their quality of life. We will address the ongoing issues of poverty by creating more jobs, creating safer communities by reforming the court system, and creating equality among all Canadians. Through the progressive actions that the Unity Party will take, our country will unite and work to make it the best it can be.

Political Platform: Where We Stand


Since we believe in equality, we tax those with higher incomes more. This allows for the Canadians with lower incomes to do better. It also allows for more social programs to be put in place increasing the public good amongst Canadians.

Percent Taxed
$11,000 and less
$43,953 - $11,000
$43,953 - $87,907
$87,907 - $13,6270
$136,270 +


We believe in protecting our environment. We are working towards a more green society by helping our agriculture and fisheries by increasing land for agriculture and supporting the Agriculture Industries.  Supporting local farms to help promote crop growth numbers rises, but reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicides used on crops will create a healthier and cleaner society. Overfishing in the Fishery Business will result in a severe fine due to the detrimental environmental concerns. Laws will be strengthened to protect biodiversity, endangered species, national parks, and water sources. Also, access to safe drinking water will be available to all Canadians. As a whole, we will take the steps needed to preserve and cherish our environment. 

Social Programs

We believe everyone deserves equal treatment under social programs. All Canadians have an equal right to education. With education, our youth will develop into the future leaders of our society. Public education (K-12) will be fully funded by the government and specific areas of post secondary education will be funded, but not all, so that tuition fees for students will be less costly and will be partially compensated for by taxes. Low income assistance will be eligible for Canadians if their income is under the minimum wage within their province.
Public transportation will be funded by taxes and it will be ensured that all forms of public transportation can be accessible to all individuals. Seniors who are retired will be provided with a $750)/month pension if they are single or their spouse does not receive financial aid, retired seniors with a spouse receiving financial aid will be provided with $500/month, and seniors who are widowed are eligible to receive $1,161/month.

Crime and Safety

We believe that in regards to the issue of crime and safety in Canada, justice must be reached. We will strengthen the Youth Criminal Justice Act by establishing the sole purpose of the program to be rehabilitation for young offenders. Therefore they will be able to grow from this time of trouble and learn from their mistakes to lead a better future for themselves. For Criminal Code of Canada we will create safer communities by adjusting the court system. It will put more serious crimes through the court system first, so that they are addressed faster. Minor crimes will still be addressed, but will not remain top priority. Therefore the criminals will face the consequences and will no longer commit the same crimes.  It will also be a threat to future offenders. Better enforcement for illegal drug actions will be placed and this is done by investing into technology to locate, investigate and shutdown organizations related to the creation and distribution of illegal drugs. Furthermore, a campaign will be started to allow the public to be aware of health effects from illegal drugs, and rehabilitation programs and support will be provided and recommended for anyone with such addictions. Money will also be invested into programs to rehabilitate and reintegrate them into society.

Minority Groups

We support everyone no matter where you come from or what you believe is right. Everyone deserve to have equal opportunities as any other person in Canada, despite any setbacks one might have. This includes legalizing LGBT Marriage Rights so that all citizens are able to express their opinions. All disabled Canadians will automatically be granted the necessities they require. Forms of handicap transportation (eg. ramps, parking spots, etc.) will be available at all public locations.
Women and men are equals, gender does not make a difference. Equal pay for equal contributions, and legal action will be taken if suspected with actions of inequalities between men and women. Youth Rights include that all young offenders are equally protected under YCJA, no one will be discriminated against age, and everyone will be given the same opportunities, without age restrictions. Francophone Rights include that French and English are are recognized as the official languages of Canada and official business is to be conducted in both English and French. FNMI Rights include representatives from FNMI groups will be able to speak on behalf of their FNMI peoples in government discussions. This will allow groups to express their valued opinions and integrate into the Canadian society.



Immigration and Trade

Through the process of the point system, Refugee Act and Immigration, and Refugee Protection Act, we will have open arms to immigration strengthening our economy and country as a whole.
All refugee’s will have the right to a hearing, claiming their refugee status. The point system will be used to help better enhance Canada’s economy, as all immigrants will be chosen based on necessary job skills. Between different countries worldwide, we will aim for more trade agreements to be created. This will help Canadians to receive more job opportunities by signing agreements between many more countries.

Job Creation

To help fight poverty, Food security will be  Implementing that food is a fundamental human right and all Canadians deserve adequate amount of high-quality, healthy food.
Workers Rights will be highlighted to help build a stronger economy and labour force. When the same position is occupied and both people have the same experience, men and women will ALWAYS receive equal pay. Also, if an employee is ever mistreated because of their sexual preference, the individual(s) who implemented this inequality will be fined and justly let go from their position. A complaint system will be available for victims to report their situations. Government Job creations will happen through supporting small businesses, creating government owned businesses, and investing in infrastructure in all communities Overall, we will enforce a fair minimum wage, employment insurance, and through these actions, we will work towards a better future, creating more jobs to keep citizens employed and able to support themselves.

Health Care

We will continue to have public health care, and all Canadians will receive equal high quality of treatment. It will be accessible to everyone as long as they are within the Canadian borders and are a citizen of Canada. This will allow Canadians to have faster and easier medical attention, incentives will be provided for more health professionals to be trained and recruited. 

Military Involvement

Our military’s mission will be to help other countries heal from times of trauma and offer protection when it is needed. This will include helping developing countries to learn to sustain and survive on their own. Our military will help developing countries build a military force of their own, so they will eventually be able to support and protect themselves.Training foreign military to protect and fight for the rights of civilians will allow the country to stay safe and peaceful.


Culture of Canada

With the diverse array of cultures found within our great nation, all will be celebrated and respected. Through various events held by the government and different communities, we will promote coming together and unifying all of our cultures. Multiculturalism and the cultural mosaic of Canada allows everyone from anywhere to be welcome in Canada and contribute to the many cultures of people and will be respected and appreciated for all contributions in the country. We will also take extra steps to recognise the culture of FNMI peoples and their rich culture which helped create the identity of Canada long ago, and Francophones, for French was a language found within Canada before English, and we believe it is very important to promote our heritage.


  1. What about health care? I think you might want to take a chunk out of other for that... Nobody knows if you have thet in there.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for the feedback. Initially we were thinking that we would put Health Care under social programs, but we will fix this unclarity.
      -Unity Party